Turn Technology into Strategic Advantage

In today’s competitive business environment technology can put you at a competitive advantage or a competitive disadvantage.  Your technology can either be an expensive drain on your productivity or a key component of your competitive advantage.

At Pivotal Business Systems we help you transform technology from a necessary evil to a strategic asset that gives your business the edge it needs to win. Most traditional business equipment dealers come into an office like yours, and provide a solution for just one part of your organisation. At Pivotal Business Systems we take a holistic approach to office technology, to achieve total business process optimisation.

It all starts with getting to know you, your organisation, and your needs. This helps us create a customised Technology Road-Map with solutions that are unique to you. We then help you implement and maintain your unique Technology Road-Map to achieve maximum uptime and ensure continuous improvement.

The Pivotal Philosophy – our three “P’s”

1. People

Everyone depends on technology to get things done:

  • Your employees use mobile devices.
  • Your customers demand fast response to question.
  • Your business partners need access to information.

We look at how your people use technology to get their jobs done and suggest the best tools available to enable them to do their jobs in the best possible way.

2. Processes

Boil any business down to its essentials and you find a set of processes. When processes run smoothly your business is more profitable.

We look at your business processes with to goal of streamlining the flow of information and reducing costs.

3. Possibilities

New technology trends open new possibilities to transform how you do business:

  • Mobile Devices
  •  Cloud Services
  •  IoT (The Internet of Things)

We look at new technology with the goal of helping you decide the best way to implement it.

Are You Ready to Pivot?
Business depends on technology. Pivotal Business helps you turn technology into strategic advantage by streamlining business processes and reducing expenses. We’ve helped many local companies leverage technology to gain competitive advantage. It all begins with a clear understanding of your business goals and current technology. We call this the Pivotal Technology Review. Our proven process delivers outcomes that align with your business objectives - from a simple hardware acquisition through to Business Process Improvement and IT management.

You will get a comprehensive report with recommendations on how you could use technology to improve your business.

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