Service Guarantee

Services Guarantee

At Pivotal Business Systems, we think of our clients as more than just clients—they’re our neighbours and our friends.

That’s why we take pride in giving our customers local support for their problems. When you place a service call to us, you get a friendly, knowledgeable technician based in one of our own offices.

This spirit informs our service guarantee as well. We promise you resources, service and expertise that are second to none.

Pivotal Business Systems’ Service Guarantee

Pivotal Business Systems delivers:

  • Service, support and recommendations tailored to the particular needs of your business
  • Repairs and service agreements for many of our printers and multifunction devices
  • Fast, pre-agreed response and fix times
  • Highly trained, well-equipped and experienced technicians
  • Access to the Ricoh Service Network, which allows you to have your Ricoh devices serviced anywhere in Australia

Managed Services

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