Multifunction Devices

Multifunction Devices

Business moves quickly in the digital age. To keep up and stay competitive, you need to manage your information effectively.

This means being able to produce clean, flawless documents when you need them. However, it also means having the ability to distribute them quickly. Not only that, you need to keep them both secure and easily retrievable.

At Pivotal Business Systems, we have equipment and services to help you increase your efficiency and productivity. Our multifunction devices enable you to do the work of multiple machines on a single device.

Features of Multifunction Devices

With Pivotal Business Systems’ multifunction devices, you can do the following tasks:


You can print dozens of pages—both in black-and-white and colour—within minutes. Also, features such as fast startup times, high internal memory, and duplex printing will help you cut down on waste and make printing even faster and easier.


With our devices, you’ll also have the ability to make copies quickly. The high dpi resolutions of our machines ensure that your copies have the same detail and sharpness as your originals.


Multifunction devices give you the ability to capture documents and convert them to a variety of digital formats, including:

  • MS Word
  • MS Excel
  • PDF


You can also send out scanned documents via fax or email.

Multifunction devices available from Pivotal Business Systems.