Equitrac Print Solutions

Equitrac Print Solutions

Information security is a major concern for many businesses today. Depending on their given industry, companies may need to follow strict confidential and proprietary regulations. Stolen or otherwise misplaced documents can also lead to lost business and tarnished reputations.

Pivotal Business Systems can help you protect your sensitive information. With our Equitrac Print solution, you can prevent your devices from printing until users provide proper identification. You’ll be able to access, release and finish all waiting print jobs in full or selectively.

Benefits of Equitrac Print Solutions:

Pivotal Business Systems’ Equitrac Print solution requires only a single driver to function. The benefits of using it include:

  • The ability to locate and print from the nearest available device
  • The ability to prevent documents from printing until an authorised user is at the device.
  • The chance to reduce your energy and paper waste

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