Reducing Your Environmental Impact

The way in which you manage your printer fleet doesn’t just impact your business. It affects the world and the people around you as well.

Printers and copiers add to the ever-increasing amount of environmental waste produced by Australian consumers and commercial users each year. Over time, the consumables (toner, ink, photoconductors, etc.) needed for the machines to function can exceed the size and weight of the devices themselves. The electricity that printers and other devices require contributes to their environmental impact as well.

Thankfully, more and more organisations are recognizing the need for environmental conscientiousness in their printing practices. Pivotal Business Systems is proud to provide innovative, energy-efficient hardware from Ricoh and other leading manufacturers. We also offer comprehensive services that will help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Eco-Conscious Products and Services

Our strong relationships with our technology partners enable our customers to conserve resources without sacrificing productivity. Beneficial features of our available devices include:

  • Duplex printing (which can reduce the environmental impact of your printing by 45%)
  • Instant startup
  • Energy Saver / Sleep Mode

Customers who take advantage of Pivotal Business Systems’ additional services can understand and improve their environmental footprint even further. We can help you:

  • Track and regulate printer usage throughout your workplace
  • Upgrade to devices that consume less energy and supplies
  • Reduce your reliance on physical documents

To learn more about how Pivotal Business Systems can help you manage your environmental impact, contact us.